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    The accordion has picks, fixed on small wooden supports called castles. The accordion sound is created when the air that is in the bellows passes through small tubes in the castles that direct it to the reeds, with the pressure of the air the reeds vibrate generating the sound. The larger the reed size, the deeper the sound produced. The stronger the air is  forced into the reeds, the more intense the sound. THE  Bellows movement is controlled with the left arm.
     Most accordions have four voices, which are different octaves for the same key or button. Therefore, in a four-voice accordion with the 'master' register pressed, when you play a C, in fact, two Cs are played in the octave you pressed, a C one octave higher and a C in the octave lower, and this is responsible for the unique sound of the accordion.
     The classes  are individual  (Online or In-person) and  lasting 1 hour per week.
   The content of the classes is complete and diversified, alternating between technique, theory and  repertoire. THE  student receives all necessary material  for weekly study.
As they are personalized classes, the teacher can analyze and stimulate the student's innate talents and at the same time propose  specific studies with  to resolve personal difficulties.
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