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Sweet flute

    THE  sweet flute  ( Brazilian Portuguese )  or  flute of  bevel  ( European Portuguese )  it is a  instrument of  breath  source  medieval , from  guitar pick  (edge), with eight holes covered directly with the fingers, widely used today in  musicalization . The origin of this  instrument  it's in the oldies  instruments  folk  which can still be found in different parts of the  Europe  today, like  The  czakan, da  Hungary (ten holes) or the double flute of the old  Yugoslavia . Many of these instruments were  made of tubes  bamboo  or natural cane, while the  recorder was an instrument turned in  wood . It was the most popular musical instrument in  Middle Ages .
  It makes a sound  melodious . Like any musical instrument, to be played, it is necessary to study its  techniques . It is the oldest of the instruments in the inner tube family. It consists of a tube, with holes for seven fingers and a hole for the thumb, which serves as an octave key.    
     The classes  are individual  (Online or In-person) and  lasting 1 hour per week.
   The content of the classes is complete and diversified, alternating between technique, theory and  repertoire. THE  student receives all necessary material  for weekly study.
As they are personalized classes, the teacher can analyze and stimulate the student's innate talents and at the same time propose  specific studies with  to resolve personal difficulties.
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