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Microfone Retro
    Corner  is the act of producing sounds  musicals  using the  voice , varying the  height  according to the  melody  it's the  rhythm . The one who performs the chant or simply sings is called a  singer  (or  singer). the singer who  is in front of a popular music band is commonly called a  vocalist.
  The singers present songs, which can be sung with  follow-up  in  musical instruments  or  the chapel . Singing can be practiced “ solo ” or in  duetsthreesomesquartets  etc.
 It can also be practiced in a group, as in a  choir  in  unison  or composed of different  suits . In many ways, singing is a “sustained” form of speech. It can be formal or informal, arranged or improvised. It can be practiced for leisure, for ritual, in practice
or professionally.
   Excellence in singing takes time, dedication, instruction and regular practice. In this case, the voice becomes clearer, stronger and more malleable.  Professional singers typically build their careers in a specific genre, such as classical or popular. They constantly rehearse with singing teachers, passing pianists,  and  regents throughout their career.
     The classes  are individual  (Online or In-person) and  lasting 1 hour per week.
   The content of the classes is complete and diversified, alternating between technique, theory and  repertoire. THE  student receives all necessary material  for weekly study.
As they are personalized classes, the teacher can analyze and stimulate the student's innate talents and at the same time propose  specific studies with  to resolve personal difficulties.
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