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     Band Leader proposes to train instrumentalists and much more. The school wants to prepare musicians who can, above all, have fun that gives pleasure, without the limitations imposed by the lack of good musical training.
   The motivation to learn to play an instrument, usually inspired by an idol, reveals an indispensable sensitivity to art. The directed and organized study enhances this sensitivity, allowing the student to achieve their goals.
        Based on the premise that the school has a duty to direct the student to the result expected by him, Band Leader is responsible for applying the experience of its teachers so that the process is as easy and pleasant as possible. Making use of current technology (computers, sound processors and instruments of excellent quality), the school aims to achieve what is most natural and desired: sensitivity and freedom of creation, which can only be achieved with technical mastery of the instrument and from music.
       To accurately observe student skills, weekly, hour-long classes are taught individually. In this way, the teacher can conduct the teaching in a personalized way, seeking a balance between the student's current yearning and what is necessary for the future musician.
    With that – and a lot of determination – Band Leader seeks to offer a complete technical and musical training, allowing the student to experience the emotion of playing an instrument.
Paulo Gomes - Coordenador
     I believe that pleasure is the fundamental element for teaching music. Both student and teacher should enjoy the learning process and not just the end goal. We only get the necessary stimulus if we envision the future with a taste for the present. It is our job to meet the student's momentary desires, in view of our responsibility to offer good technical and cultural training.  
       Since we are given educator credit at the time the student makes the choice to study at this school.
   To ensure that the process is interactive, we have a program of biannual presentations. These presentations are organized and coordinated by the school, and around 80 bands are set up annually among students. The bands are rehearsed at exclusive times without interfering with class schedules. The events have a show format, given their size, quality and atmosphere.
      I could never say that it is easy to learn an instrument, as it takes a lot of training and determination. On the other hand, I can assure you that the world of music is magical and that the instrument is a faithful friend for life.
Paulo Gomes
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