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Close-Up vista de cordas de guitarra bai
    Electric bass, also called  electric bass,  bass guitar bass  or simply  short  It's  a  string instrument .  It is used by many modern music genres.
    The traditional and popular electric bass that most  from the bands of  rock  uses is very similar to  one  guitar  electric , but with a larger body, a longer arm and a  scale  more extensive. In general, the most common electric basses have four  strings , and these are traditionally tuned in the same way as the  double basses  in  orchestra , being the same notes as the four thick (bass) strings of a  guitar  (i.e. E, A, D, and G), but each of these strings is tuned a different  octave  lower in pitch than the guitar.
To avoid excessive use of lower supplementary lines in the  Schedule  gives  sheet music , the  musical notation  of the bass/double bass is made in the bass clef (in F) and the annotation of the  musical notes  must be done in  transposition  an octave higher, relative to the sound that the bass should emit.
  That is, the bass sound when reading from a  sheet music  down, will sound an octave lower than the notes written on the  agenda . Similar to what happens with a guitar, to play the electric bass at its full sound potential, you must connect it to a  amplifier  specific for double basses; this is essential for live performances, as the sound of the unamplified electric bass is too low because it has a solid body.
     The classes  are individual  (Online or In-person) and  lasting 1 hour per week.
   The content of the classes is complete and diversified, alternating between technique, theory and  repertoire. THE  student receives all necessary material  for weekly study.
As they are personalized classes, the teacher can analyze and stimulate the student's innate talents and at the same time propose  specific studies with  to resolve personal difficulties.
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