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Fernando Alves

Fernando Alves

    Fernando Alves is a guitarist, harmonica player and music producer. He studied popular guitar at the Universidade Livre de Música Tom Jobim, and harmonica at the Espaço Cultural Tendal da Lapa.

      In the 2000s, he was a harmonica teacher at the Espaço Cultural Tendal da Lapa when he led the Orquestra Paulista de Gaitas as guitarist, harmonica player, arranger and conductor. During this period, the group won the Bluesmenau Festival, in 2007, in the groups category.

    In the performing arts, Fernando has been working since 2009 when he was responsible for creating and executing the soundtrack for the play “As Desgraças de uma Criança”, by Martins Pena.  After that, he studied sound design with Aline Meyer and André Omote, and worked on the soundtrack and sound design for the productions “Esperando a Chuva” (Teatro Satyrus), “Cherrie Amour” (Teatro Next) and “Vidas Secas”, a piece inspired by the work of Graciliano Ramos.

    He currently teaches music at the Band Leader Escola de Música, develops different projects in front of Acalanto Produções Musicais, and works in two musical groups: “Dois por Dois”, MPB in Gaita and Guitar, and “Brasil Tango”, a Latin American music.

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