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Luciano Menezes

Luciano Menezes

He has developed several works in the area of blues, rock and country, as well as producing guitar workshops and developing his solo work.

Tone Scholar. For his work in the bands “U2 cover Alive!” ( and “U2 Brasil”, he is still considered the greatest specialist in the country and one of the greatest in the world when it comes to reproducing the sound of U2.

He played in several of the best venues in the country, such as Credicard Hall (SP), Aramaçan (Sto. André - SP), Augustus (Aracajú - SE), Mafunfo (Contagem - MG), Diamond Convention Center (Manaus - AM), Gírus (Pará de Minas - MG), etc.

His main guitar influences are: “Edward Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ritchie Blackmore, Allan Holdsworth and Pat Martino”. And on bass: "Geddy Lee."




He has been a teacher since 1991 and has been with Band Leader since its foundation. He believes his role is to help the student develop his own personality, discover his own path and then help him move in that direction. Helping you to take advantage of your personal characteristics, using your strengths to compensate for your weaknesses and turning your weaknesses into strengths and thus being able to make your own unique music.

The teacher must have a good mind to solve problems, know how to recognize them and correct them so that they do not hinder the student's development. And, finally, keep the course balanced between knowledge, which enriches the student and makes him/her more capable, and repertoire, which must be chosen with his/her participation. The student must play what he likes, in addition to songs that exemplify the course.




Professional Qualification IV of MUSICAL TECHNICIAN IN INSTRUMENT - GUITAR at 2nd degree level by the CONSERVATORY MUSICAL DO BUTANTÃ, published in the DOE on 11/11/2000.

Beginning his training as self-taught, he later took classes at the Morumbi Musical Conservatory (with Paulo Gomes from 1988 to 1989), Mozart Melo (1991 to 1994 and currently) and Conrado Paulino (2004). He also had training in arrangement (with Wilson Cúria), perception, harmony and music history (Ricardo Rizek), among others.

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