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    Ukulele (or ukelele) is a Portuguese musical instrument (Machete, Braginha, Cavaquinho) Ukulele is the name that the Hawaiians gave to the instrument that was popularized with that name worldwide. Of pinched strings, usually with four strings of  tripe  or with synthetic materials such as  nylon,  nylgutfluorocarbon , among others.
    This instrument consists of 4 strings and is  found in various sizes and shapes.
     The classes  are individual  (Online or In-person) and  lasting 1 hour per week.
   The content of the classes is complete and diversified, alternating between technique, theory and  repertoire. THE  student receives all necessary material  for weekly study.
As they are personalized classes, the teacher can analyze and stimulate the student's innate talents and at the same time propose  specific studies with  to resolve personal difficulties.
    THE  ukulele  has some popularity in Brazil today due to some Brazilian musicians and ensembles using the ukulele in their music, such as the singer  Marisa Monte , on record  Universe Around Me , the singer  Tiago Iorc , in the song “It's a Fluke” from the CD Zeski, and the  The most beautiful band in the city  In the song  prayer
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