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Valdinei Papa

Valdinei Papa

     Valdinei Silva Papa, Piano and Keyboard teacher.

     musician from Sao Paulo,  Bachelor of Music from the Unissantanna University of São Paulo and had as Professors:

Peter Dietrich, Júlio Caliman, Abdnald Santiago and Celso Marques, leila Vertamatti and Leila Sugahara.

     He also studied at the Dramatic and Musical Conservatory “Orestes Sinatra”, with Professor Claudia Sinatra.

     He was Professor of Choir Singing at AAPG Amigos do Projeto Guri and at several Music Schools, teaching children, youth and adults.

     He recorded as a pianist on the CDs of Adriana Rosa, Magic Blues, Márcia Romano.

     He has accompanied several singers and musicians such as:

Graça Cunha (globo), Robinson Monteiro, Amanda Ferrari, Cleber Ferraz, Márcia Romano (gospel), drummers Dr: Rodrigo Villanueva in jazz and blues workshops (Professor at Northern Illinois University), Cleverson Silva (drummer).

     He has played in several venues in São Paulo such as:  

Latin America Memorial, Estancia alto da Serra, Theater: Fernando Torres, Adolfo Celli, SESC: Itaquera, Interlagos, Belenzinho.

     He produced the EP and CD of the groups Engrenagem Urbana (hip-hop), and Ministério Kairós (gospel).

     Its objective in the pedagogical area is to break possible  barriers between classical and popular music, is to join techniques, knowledge and creation!

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